Condition Assessments & Surveys

Before any conservation work is undertaken, whether it be preventive or interventive, it is necessary in undertake an object assessment or collection survey. EDGE can provide a variety of object assessments and collection surveys to suit your needs.

Condition assessments and surveys will help identify:

  • Options for conservation-restoration treatments and associated costs.
  • The best way of looking after your object or collection
  • How to display, store or transport your objects safely
  • The conservation requirements of your collection in order to inform a funding bid/application.

Through the assessment/survey we will gain a full understanding of:

  • the physical and chemical properties of the related materials
  • how objects were made
  • causes of deterioration
  • what their function was and how this compares to use in their present context
  • an awareness of the nature of any previous repairs and their relationship to various environmental conditions
  • the stability of the ceramic or glass material

Equipped with this knowledge we can prioritise and define the requirements for the care and conservation-restoration of an object or collection. 

We can also train you, your staff or volunteers to carry out sample surveys and use their results to produce action plans for the long-term care of the objects or collections.